welcomeThe Millsteam Boot Chest Range, has been designed to fit into most 4x4s as well as many estate cars. Please contact us with make and year and we will confirm for you. So If you need to keep your guns, cartridges and shooting/fishing gear in the boot of your car 4×4 and you want everything too hand and in order, as well as haveing the facilities to both entertain and have a fantastic picnic case all in one, then you have come to the right place.

Believing that function is every bit as important as aesthetic design, that is why we designed  our Boot Chests to fit in several cars should you ever have to change vehicle,  We also offer a bespoke service if our Millsteam Range is not quite right for you. If you’d like to bring your own design into reality, then we would love to help you, and we can help advise on the materials, the design, and then give you a quote once we’re absolutely sure we understand you completely. Please contact us for more details. [doptg id=”2″]